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Anti-caking agent for ammonium nitrate
Anti-caking agent for ammonium nitrate

Mineral fertilizers are prone to caking, dusting and dehumidification. AgroMag®, aspecial conditioning additive was especially developed to eliminate these problems in the production of ammonium nitrate.

Advantages of Agromag®

  • Reduction of the production costs of ammonium nitrate by replacing expensive organic conditioners;
  • Simplification of the technology of ammonium nitrate production as no special equipment for processing of pellets is required;
  • The color of ammonium nitrate using Agromag� is «snow white»;
  • Reduction of the time of crystallization of ammonium nitrate;
  • Increase of the integrity of the granules;
  • Reduction of the amount of sludge (waste) and as a result a reduction of the costs for disposal of waste and of emissions
  • Agromag’s extremely low sulfate content can significantly reduce energy consumption and downtime of equipment
  • Reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides because of a lower temperature in the reactor
  • Increasing of the labour productivity.

Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC in this field are:

AgroMag� 100-300,AgroMag� 0-300

AgroMag� 100-300
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AgroMag� 0-300
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Tehnical leaflet AgroMag
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